John North


Last seen: 15 Feb 2022


First Name: John
Last Name: North
Country: Australia CEO & Founder, Strategic Marketer and Book Publisher

John North is a Seven-Time #1 International Best-Selling Author who is regarded as a versatile and experienced entrepreneur with a solid background in Accounting, Banking, Business Management, Finance, Personal Development, IT, Software and Strategic Marketing.

John has written six #1 Best Selling Books about book publishing, business strategy and internet marketing and as well a book about Squash.

John is the CEO of Evolve Systems Group. He is a serial entrepreneur who has created many products and services that are designed to empower business owners and entrepreneurs.

Some of these ventures include: Evolve Global Publishing,,, Evolve Your Business and Evolve Mobile.

John’s passion is to help business owners become smarter and more strategic about their marketing efforts. He constantly pushes the envelope of what’s possible in this modern era and is widely regarded among his peers as very innovative and highly creative in his approach.

His latest venture is It is an all-in-one platform designed to allow entrepreneurs to take control of their future and to be less reliant on using social media for managing their business online.

John lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and son and plays competitive squash 5 days a week. 

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