Larry Morrison


Last seen: 8 Sep 2020


First Name: Larry
Last Name: Morrison
Country: United States

Founder/CEO of College Loan Freedom

Larry Morrison is one of America’s leading experts on student loan debt repayment. He is a national speaker, a best-selling author, and founder of College Loan Freedom Inc. A company whose mission is to help borrowers navigate the complex government system meant to assist the millions who need help though less than 25% take advantage of. He regularly trains financial advisors on how to reallocate resources away from student debt to growing wealth for their clients. He also teaches at graduate schools all over the country to students ready to leave school and tackle their loans. His passion is helping student loan borrowers remove the fear and shame associated with the debt because in his words it is a “paper tiger” once you understand the system. His best selling book is Student Loan Debt Secrets – An Insider Explains Why You Are Overpaying When Thousands Aren’t is available on Amazon.

If you are a financial professional who would like to learn more about helping your clients with the second-biggest debt in the United States or if you have a loved one who needs help managing their student loan debt reach out to Larry for assistance by emailing or visiting

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