Mark Leonard


Last seen: 7 Sep 2020


First Name: Mark
Last Name: Leonard
Country: Afghanistan

Book Coach

Mark put himself through Davidson College in North Carolina by starting and running a landscaping business. After obtaining his MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia, he moved out West. He first lived in South Lake Tahoe, where he invested in real estate, and started a real estate videotaping company.

That got wiped out in the early '80s as interest rates spiked to 18%, so he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. There he landed a job at ROLM Corporation, holding positions in corporate finance, project management, and sales.

He then held senior positions in a number of software companies involved in the chip design market, followed by a stint as a retained recruiter in the professional services arena.

Following that, he and his wife invested in Subway™ franchises. They sold those stores after five years and wrote a book about that experience, revealing information that is typically very difficult to obtain. That led to requests to help others write and publish their books, and he has been helping non-fiction authors ever since.

Mark can be reached at (415) 250-6343, or by visiting Cartwright

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